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Brand Sorceress Rusty Blazenhoff
Club President Rusty Blazenhoff

Is it just us magical misfits left?

Ok, cool. I have some good news.

Our time has finally come. The world needs our creative brilliance now more than ever. The old cookie-cutter ways of doing business are over. Basic is out, and badass is in. 

I told you it was good news.

Your particular passions and peculiarities are gifts, and people want those awesome presents that only you can bring. No one wants half-hearted, we all want heartfelt.

You know it, and I know it.

Look, I get it, its hard to get out of your own way. Perfectionism sets in, then comes the second-guessing and the shame of not starting. You need someone who understands and appreciates you – someone who gets you in all of your creative self – so you feel confident to fully be you, in all your beautifully flawed glory. So you can move forward.


Um, hello, hi, that's me. I’m Rusty Blazenhoff, another generous, status quo-challenging, free-spirited type who is also passionate about making the world a better place in wonderfully weird ways. Another second-guessing perfectionist who still has that fire inside to keep going.  I'll help you create the high engagement brand you dream of, that you genuinely deserve, and all without selling your soul.

Wonderful things happen when you start to wonder ‘why?’ When you ask yourself “why” instead of focusing on your “what” or “how,” you become more than your products or services, you become real and authentic. That is the goal. Let me help you build your brand to be as unique as you are. 


We’re not supposed to do this alone. Your success is my success. I'll help you do better. Promise. Hire me to tell your stories, ones that will capture eyes and win hearts. We can make wonderful things together!

Be brilliant

I help creative trailblazers build a brand as unique as they are.

Whoa there, hold up. Are you in the right place? 
So, this isn’t the place for average folks doing average things.

This is for the rest of us — the generous, status quo-challenging, free-spirited folks who are passionate about making the world a better place in their own weird way (but can feel overwhelmed, start overthinking, and get stuck). 

Oh, this is you? Oh ok, hello. “Welcome to the club.” 

What can I do for you?

Remarkable marketing 🏆❤️

Your brand is more than just a logo, name, or website – it’s about how you make people feel.  And winning hearts with your personal brand is like the art of alchemy, essentially turning lead into gold.

In today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to simply offer a product or service – you need to stand out and make an emotional connection with your customers.


Just as an alchemist blends different elements to create something valuable, by developing a strong personal brand and crafting marketing campaigns that are authentic, engaging, and memorable, you can create a loyal following and turn customers into advocates.


So let’s mix and blend, experiment and iterate, to make gold and win the hearts of your audience!

Ghostwriting 👻 &
Badass brand storytelling ✍🏻

You’re not traditional and your writing shouldn’t be either.


Humans are hardwired to remember stories. Scientifically speaking, stories engage the brain and help us understand and retain information better than by learning facts alone.


But not everyone has the time, or writing chops, to hammer out noise-cutting, insightful copy for LinkedIn or other social spaces. It takes real emotional labor to create that kind of content, the kind that really matters.

I’ll help you tell your stories, in jargon-free language that will resonate, engage, and most importantly, connect.


Make me your short-form ghostwriter and/or brand storyteller, and I'll help you craft content that reflects your unique voice and perspective. Dont worry, theres nothing spooky about it! 

Meaningful merch ✨ 

Want to hear the truth about merchandise? It’s not just a way to make money or get your name out there - it’s a chance to make a statement, stand out, and resonate with your audience. And if you’re not doing it right, you’re missing the point.

People long to feel seen and understood, so anything boring, forgettable, and completely self-serving has to be skipped. Being thoughtful matters. Magical is better than mediocre any day.


You probably already have some great ideas. I’ll help you flesh them out and level up your merch game, making what you offer as unique as you are. Or I can come up with ideas myself, your choice. 


On my watch, no one will be slapping a logo on something and calling it a day!  You have my word on that.

Not sure what you need? I got you. We can totally figure this out together.  Psst... I also work with organizations looking to communicate better. I bring a fresh perspective, an honest evaluation, and action items to do business better. Inquire within.

I’ve worked with the best.

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