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Blogging for fun & profit


Boing Boing et al.





Since 2011, I've written thousands of blog posts professionally, literally thousands of them. 

Problem: The internet is hungry for the Next Big Thing 24/7/365. 

Solution: Regularly check RSS feed favorites, keep an ear to the ground, listen to my intuition, and give the people what they want, or at least, what I think they want. Succeed or fail, then try again.

Result: I've developed a Spidey sense about what makes good content. Blogging has also shaped me into an excellent marketer.

Mark Frauenfelder, co-founder, Boing Boing

“Well, let me tell you, Rusty’s writing for Boing Boing is so good, it makes me want to throw my own keyboard out the window. Her ability to capture readers’ attention is a true marvel, and her understanding of our audience is so spot-on it’s like she’s got a direct line to their brains. Her intimate understanding of communities and cultures is simply stunning and makes her a rare gem in the world of marketing. If you’re a creative trailblazer, look no further! Rusty is the one you've been searching for.”
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