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Rethinking traditional business cards


Blazenhoff Industries


Ideally IRL



When it was time to get new business cards for my personal brand, Blazenhoff Industries, I decided to throw away the rule book.

Problem: I wanted to create a memorable and playful business card that would stand out from traditional yawn-inducing paper business cards. I knew from my work as a blogger, that people wanted to be recognized as “cool,” so I searched for a way.

Solution: It took a few failed attempts before reaching the perfect solution, the “I'm Cool” blue ribbon. It has a dual purpose, serving as a tangible representation of the type of work I do and also as a way to recognize and award individuals who are “cool.” (And, no, as it reads on the back of the ribbon, I really don't give it to just anybody.)

Results: The “I'm Cool” ribbon is always a hit with awardees; those who receive it feel recognized and appreciated. The personal touch of adding their name on the back, and spelling it correctly, helps.

I'm Cool Blue Ribbon Rusty Blazenhoff's business card
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