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Promoting Pee-wee’s disc-jockey gig


Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens)





Pee-wee Herman had a pre-recorded radio variety show that was set to air on KCRW. To promote the show, we decided to use social media, specifically Twitter, to create a fun and engaging campaign. You know, something very Pee-wee.

Strategy: Together, we crafted a social script for Twitter that imagined Pee-wee Herman pleading with the radio station to give him a shot at deejaying. The tweets were written in a silly and comedic tone, with Pee-wee making exaggerated requests to the radio station.

Implementation: The tweets were created for both Pee-wee Herman’s Twitter account and KCRW’s Twitter account. The campaign gained a lot of interest and press, with many people thinking that it was a real plea for Pee-wee to be invited to go on air as a “disc jockey”! The tweets also generated a lot of engagement, with his fans responding to the tweets with their support for Pee-wee and the radio show.

Results: The campaign was a great success, with The Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour gaining a lot of attention and press coverage. Other radio stations even sent Pee-wee show offers, and an intern at KCRW went to the mailroom looking for the “hand-typed” letter that Pee-wee had shared digitally in the tweets.

Press for Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour
Radio station Tweets for Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour campaign
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