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Saving Mother’s Day with Fairyland flowers


Children’s Fairyland


Oakland, CA



Children’s Fairyland, Oakland’s beloved storybook theme park, was still Covid-closed in May of 2020. At that time, many other local businesses were closed too, including florists. That created a problem for Mother’s Day. as floral arrangements would be difficult to get. 

Solution: When we heard that Mother’s Day bouquets would be hard to come by, we knew exactly what to do — offer bouquets! So, the park’s horticulturist snipped fresh flowers from Fairyland's gardens to create “raised-in-Oakland” arrangements for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day would be saved!

Implementation: The park also used the campaign as an opportunity to participate in Giving Tuesday, promoting #YourFairyland experiences and raising funds to support the park’s ongoing operations and future reopening. Of course, the main focus of the bouquet campaign was not to make money, but to spread some Fairyland magic and goodwill to the community.

Results:  The 20 bouquets that were made available on Fairyland’s social channels sold out in just two days. The bouquet campaign was also successful in achieving its main goal of fostering connection with its community. On top of that, the people who bought flowers got a tax deduction.

Childrens Fairyland flower bouquet for Mother's Day.jpg
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